Friday, 22 February 2013

Consider your online self?

What does your online self look like?
Ever considered how you come across to others online?  consider the ways in which you communicate online and the various social networking sites that you use - what do you allow people to access and see?
How do you behave towards others online?  Have you been subject to online bullying or harassment or do you know somebody who has?

Please Discuss your thoughts and ideas

Friday, 7 December 2012

Ever wondered what your online self actually looks like? Are you a shrinking violet in the real world but in cyber space you take on a whole new personality?

Think about the types of information that is online about you for all to see? Are you happy with the images, stories, information that builds your online persona?

Do you have any positive experiences that have come from your on line presence or equally have you been subject to the negative side of your on line self through bullying and / or Harassment?

I would like to hear about your own personal experiences using social networking sites, blogging websites etc.  Do you have a professional on line identity or a personal one?